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  1. Advantages of Laminated Marble tile

    High Strength:

    The strengths of retractility, twist and cutting meet with national standard. The combination with tile weakened the fragility, its natural feature of marble, which ensures the strength of anti-pression and preserves the high-grade flatness if it is a bit large in its area.

    Light Weight:

    This kind of material is lighter than normal marble with the same size, it reduces the whole building's load and save the cost of transportation

    Easy way of installation:

    It is very convenient to install and to maintain just same installation procedure of tile. It also can be used as a dry hanging structure, saving the cost and time of construction.

    Easy color collection:

    2cm thick natural marble slabs which can be

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  2. Tiles Production, shipping & delivery

    If you’re tired of traveling into the different showrooms on the hunt for the tiles your home needs.

    Otile.com online tile store, can be a solution for your project, you can explore our online tile catalogue at your relaxation time before you buy. With all sorts of tiles to choose from, you can browse our online store and select by materials, finishes, shapes, sizes and colors to find your perfect match.

    Once you’ve found a tile that suits you, we encourage you to order some FREE tile samples to get a closer look at the actual color, pattern, texture, finish and quality of tiles before you confirm your order.

    When you have decided which tiles are the best for your project then you can add the quantity you need into your shopping cart and go through the check-out process.

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  3. Customer Support Notice for Holiday

    Tips and tricks on what you can do with your new Fire TV Cube. Happy streaming!

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  4. Marmocer Innovators


    Marmocer established in 2003. We pride ourselves in being a leader in the modern stone

    industry providing sustainable design solutions for architects and designers.

    We are pioneers in producing design enhanced marble tiles which stand in a category of their own. This process offers architects and designers options previously unattainable without a substantial budget.

    We own and have access to the finest quarries in the world. We select top grade marble from

    Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Indonesia to name a few. With our breakthrough innovation we are creating a new category in the stone industry where we believe, Less and More!


    We only use the

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