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Monthly Archives: June 2021

  1. Two-bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms

    Two-bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms

    If your bathroom is small and you are thinking of making it less small with the help of visual accessories, it must be said that one of the first things you should pay attention to is searching for new and innovative bathroom tile design ideas.

    The bathroom doesn’t have extra accessories and furniture like other parts of the house; it has nothing in it, and all its beauty depends on glass mosaic tiles and decorations that you use for its design. Here are some new and modern ideas for small bathrooms.

    1- Using simple tiles with natural colors will make you minimalist.

    Today, natural colors such as white and cream have many fa

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  2. Decorate Kitchen Floors with Porcelain Tiles

    Decorate Kitchen Floors with Porcelain Tiles         

    Choosing ceramic tiles for flooring purposes in the kitchen is a great choice. Kitchen floors have been the victim of spills, which means should clean the kitchen floor’s surface regularly.

    On the other hand, ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned and mopped, which is an excellent option for the kitchen floor. It does not tend to absorb bacteria and odor, which is very important for the kitchen. The nature of being water-resistant is another reason it makes ceramic tile kitchen floors a great idea.

    What Are Ceramic Tiles Made of?

    Ceramic tiles are usually made of clay, and they are straightforward to be installed on the kitchen floors. All the tiles must be installed over a sub tile for a better result.

    The subfloor requires to be very smooth and flat. When you install ceramic tiles kitchen floor, you should keep i

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  3. WHY have PORCELAIN TILES become popular?

    WHY have PORCELAIN TILES become popular?

    Porcelain tile is a brilliant invention that is getting popular between consumers and designers. It is versatile and stylish. Because porcelain floor tiles and porcelain wall tiles are made from porcelain clay and baked at a high temperature, they are solid and durable enough for even the most demanding modern applications, both indoors and outdoors.

    It's a good idea if you know beforehand what to search for when buying porcelain tiles. Because not all porcelain tiles are created equal, it's critical to pick wisely. Porcelain tile comes in various shapes and sizes, with the most popular being wall porcelain tile, floor porcelain tile, and mosaic porcelain tile.

    If you want to buy wood look porcelain tile, you should know that porcelain wood tile flooring can provide the appearance of natural wood.

    If you are looking for the best pla

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    This is what you need to know about: LAMINATE MARBLE TILE

    Laminate marble has a similar appearance to marble but has its properties and is more affordable.

    The marble laminate floor tiles make it easy to create a focal point in any space. The marble effect design combines intriguing lines and irregular patterns with neutral colors to imitate the unique characteristics of marble. Marble laminate flooring can make all rooms appear more sophisticated and friendly, making it a fantastic choice for dining rooms and kitchens.

    Laminate marble tile is made of 3 layers which are one layer of natural marble with the thickness of 5mm + Select epoxy resin in between + Special porcelain tile with a thickness of 6mm at the bottom. These 5 + 6 mm are varying in different factories based on their production line.

    What is evident here is 6mm porcelain tile can make the tile stronger,

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    The artistic mosaic method involves assembling miniature glass tesserae in a variety of styles, forms, colors and sizes to create design schemes for flooring, ceilings, and walls.

    The complexity of this handcrafted technique is in the placing of the tesserae, which would be carried out by hand and one by one. As a result, this process should be extremely precise, with no room for even the tiniest mistake.

    Furthermore, the effect is not visible before the process is completed. So, each tessera that adopts the artistic mosaic technique's design has no meaning on its own, because these design schemes can only be understood as a whole and with all of their aesthetic power when such tesserae are united and looked at from a specific distance.

    You could also use an artistic til

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  6. History of GLASS MOSAIC TILES


    Glass mosaic tiles initially originated 3,500 years ago in Egypt, then spread to India and then to Greece, and then eventually reached the Byzantine Empire and the Western world. As seen at St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, their brilliant brilliance was admired because of their artistic effect.

    Glass mosaic tiles typically are created through heating sand as well as other materials and fast cooling. They are generally translucent or transparent. Cast glass, fused, Smalti, and sintered tiles are the four basic forms of glass mosaic tile. Etching and Slumping are two of the most common glass surface treatments for glass mosaic tiles.

    In kitchens and bathrooms, glass tile provides brightness and a clean, sophisticated aesthetic look. Our glass mosaic tile collection is a design choice for enhancing a variety of outdoor and indoor areas. Glass mosaic tile

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  7. What you need to know about, MARBLE MOSAIC TILE 

    What you need to know about, MARBLE MOSAIC TILE 

    Marble mosaic tiles are among the most beautiful tiles on the sale. Marble mosaic tiles, which are made of real stones, never cease to astonish tile enthusiasts throughout the globe. Marble mosaic tile is popular among consumers because of its calming hue, intriguing polish, as well as other features. But it is the endurance of marble mosaic tile that makes it a really wonderful work of art. It's extremely tough and can endure pressure more than any other. As a result, it's been the craftsmen's first option for ages while determining which type of tile to employ in royal buildings. Overall, it's a fantastic tile for any home, anyplace.

    Marble mosaic tile backsplash is also available that highlights the natural luster and coloring of a standard marble slab, and also marble mosaic tile which blends components for a diffe

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  8. Buy Online Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Buy Online Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaic glass tiles have the beauty and the potential to transform the plain surfaces into beautiful masterpieces that look very artistic for those trying to opt for glass mosaic tiles.

    Glass mosaic tiles have many advantages, and you can easily buy online glass mosaic tiles and get them delivered to your address. The benefits of the glass tiles worth mentioning are that the glass mosaic tiles have a very high visual appeal to the eyes, especially in glass wall tiles.

    The glass mosaic tiles can provide flexibility when it comes to shape and design. Hence, they can be applied everywhere apart from kitchens. Glass tiles are great even for the environment and even very easy to maintain.

    When visiting a mosaic tile outlet, you can see different tiles available, such as recycled glass tiles, stained glass tiles, translucent mosaic

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